Turkey Key

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While I was away on a trip out west to visit family, Clyde, John Brady, Jeff Ripple and Rick Cruz all got together for a boat trip out to Turkey Key. Rick Cruz was kind enough to take a few pictures of the trip for me…he did a great job, especially considering that he was also trying to take his… Read More

The History of Photography by Beaumont Newhall

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Continued from previous post… Eventually, Jacques Mande Daguerre produced a booklet of instructions for Daguerreotype that was translated all over the world. As the interest in photography grew throughout the world, many people were working on different ways to make it better and easier. However, Daguerre and Talbot’s processes reigned supreme for almost two decades. Of all the countries, America… Read More


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We joined Elam Stoltzfus of Live Oak Production Group as he filmed the Fakahatchee for his film on the Big Cypress. John Brady, Rick Cruz and a young photographic student named Victor Rollins joined us on this trip. We met everyone at the crack of dawn and then drove into Fakachatchee where the cabin was located. The wonderful old cabin… Read More