A day with Allyn

I think only fishermen and photographers wake at the crack of dawn in order to accomplish their hobbies!

Allyn Golub joined us at the crack of dawn along the main road in Everglades National Park to accomplish some photography together. It is always fun spending time with Allyn sharing the environment and the joy of photography together.

The early morning dew was on everything…it was as though the world was covered in droplets of diamonds…

Clyde and Allyn photographing in the early morning light…which was tricky because there wasn’t much of it!

Clyde setting up his 11×14 in a cypress forest filled with bromeliads.

Allyn setting up his photographic view of the bromeliads.

Clyde and Allyn

Hiking off into another cypress dome in search of the Cow Horn (Cigar) Orchid…

Allyn photographing orchid.

Here I am rejoicing in the beautiful abundance of orchid blooms!

You know, I have a theory about flowers…it is based on the fact that flowers are some of the youngest plants on our planet…You see, when God created Eve, she looked around and said, “Man, this place needs some color!” and then, God created flowers for Eve….

Our day with Allyn was filled with great photography and the wonderful feeling of sharing the land we love with a person who also loves and respects our environment.

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