Adios until we meet again…

We woke early to leave Everglades National Park. Clyde was excited to dash home and develop his film.

As the sun rose my heart drifted out over the ‘glades. I wasn’t ready to leave and head back out into the reality of life…I longed to stay and feel the saw grass scratch against my jeans as I walked through the early morning mist in the swamps; to hear nothing but the morning songs of the birds; to watch as the sun crests over the horizon and castes its light onto the tree tops; to feel the peace and be at one with the world. A part of me stayed behind…

Of course a stay in the Everglades National Park would be nothing if you don’t stop and have a milkshake at Robert Is Here. There is no place in the world that has better milkshakes! They come in every tropical variety you can imagine…and if it’s not on their list, but they have the fruit, they’ll make it for you. Great folks, great shakes, great veggies and fruit!

When I look at all of that fresh produce I am again thankful for our farmers…without them I’d be out there doing the work and wouldn’t have time to be a photographer…Thank you farmers!

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