The Everglades

Since Clyde is known for his black and white photography of the Everglades, it may seem strange to say that our next great adventure will be photographing the Everglades! However, that is what we plan on doing for the next two years.

Clyde’s goal is to publish a book on the Everglades ecosystem from Orlando to Florida Bay. He has photographed much of the Everglades, but he is missing certain sections of the ecosystem and wants to cover it all for his next book.
Ochopee by Clyde Butcher

During the recent years of our journey in life together, I have not paid much attention to my own art. I am looking forward to renewing my art form of creating my own photographic images of Florida and hand painting the black and white images.

We will be staying in Everglades National Park for the month of February and March enjoying the beauty of that environment. If you see us out photographing, stop and say howdy! If you can’t get to the Everglades, I’ll try to keep you up to date with this blog.
Tamiami Trail by Niki

8 thoughts on “The Everglades

  1. Clyde and Niki,
    Best wishes and luck as you endeavor to document the Everglades.
    Your commitment to nature, the arts and the environment has inspired, motivated and given courage to many people in our state and across the country.
    Can’t wait to see the new images of the Glades.
    Elam Stoltzfus, HD film producer

  2. As an Environmental Science teacher in Central Florida your images help me tell the story as to why we need to restore and preserve this one of a kind environment. When your photographs were at the DeLand Gallery I jumped at the chance to show my students the wonders of your photographs in the large format. If only I could have you in a gallery close by permanently! Thanks for all you do! Marjory Stoneman Douglas must be so proud from above.
    I look forward to this completion of what I can imagine as Kissimmee River to the Biscayne Bay. I am sure it will enhance my curriculum.
    Thanks for your art and work!
    Amy Monahan
    DeLand High School

  3. What a wonderful project! The habitats of Everglades National Park are so diverse, and you’re certainly the perfect people to go out and find them all, by foot and kayak and pontoon … just watch out for those manchineel stands! Look forward to seeing the project progress. Hugs from Ocala, Sandy & Rob

  4. This will be an amazing project!
    Thank you both for making the commitment to our vanishing Florida. I am sure we will be blown away as usual by the Beauty of Florida that you will unveil.
    Remember if you ever need a good pack mule for the 12×20 or a blood donor for the mosquitos, call me.
    Have a great adventure,
    John Brady

  5. Niki and Clyde
    We were indeed very excited when we heard about your next project being EVERGLADES at your Venice Chamber of Commerce lecture. Too many people do not know how beautiful the Everglades are. To have a snapshot documentary is needed to educate in order to preserve this unique ecosystem forever!
    Max & Yvonne Salfinger

  6. I’m going to like this blog method of keeping up with you guys. Great idea. Wonderful project, like all of them. Cheers, Allan

  7. Niki and Clyde,
    I can’t wait to see what interesting places you will find with this project. (It makes me want to pack a bag and drive right down to Flamingo with my camera and fishing rod!)
    Enjoy your special journey together,
    Deborah Mitchell

  8. Clyde and Niki,
    Your blog is a super idea. Thanks for keeping all of us in tune with your experiences. The new Everglades adventure is sure to bless thousands, and what a treat for the two of you! I’ll be keeping track, ever so longingly, from frosty Minnesota. Love you guys,

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